Adventure & Experience Safaris

These experiences are full of action and adventure!

Nyanga & Eastern Highland 3 Night (or more) Adventures

Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands offers a completely unique holiday experience to the rest of the country. With its huge mountain range and rich grasslands and forests you’d be forgiven for forgetting you were in the middle of Africa! A magical part of the Highlands, called ‘Nyanga’ is home to the highest waterfall in Africa, where a unique adventure activity has been created. Above these Mutarazi Falls, you will find the SkyWalk – two suspension bridges above the Falls allows you to get a panoramic view of the incredible scenery around you. For those looking for more of an adrenaline rush there is the SkyLine, renound as the most exquisite zipline in the world; at an estimated height of 500m, and a travelling at a speed of 50-70 km/h for 400m, its guaranteed to get your heart racing. Troutbeck Resort also offers a world class golf course if you prefer a more laid back for of activity. For the bird enthusiasts, an entire day can be spent in the National Park and surrounds purely bird spotting! The Eastern Highlands have an elevation of over 1000 metres above sea level, and its climate often means you’ll have a fire roaring in your accommodation even in the middle of January! An ideal way to relax after an exhilarating day.

Trout Fishing in Africa

The rivers, streams and dams of Nyanga are also home to the Nyanga Rainbow Trout. To make the most of this type of fishing, we recommend a full or multiple day fishing trip with one of the areas experienced trout fishing guides who can take you to all the best spots! An interesting sight is a visit to the National Parks Trout Hatchery at the Mare Dam in the Nyanga National Park, where one can see trout being raised, as well as trying out your hand fishing in the ponds before getting out into the wild waters.

Zambezi Tiger Fishing Safaris

The Zambezi River flows through 5 different countries, the ‘Middle Zambezi’ flowing through the Northern part of Zimbabwe, creating a natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The River, renowned for being the home of the ‘River God’ Nyaminyami, is also where all keen fishermen know the fearsome Tiger Fish swims. One of the best fighting fish, having a Tiger Fish on the end of your rod is a sure way to get your heart pumping. Tiger Fish from different parts of the Zambezi have different physical attributes according to how fast their part of the river flows, those occurring just below the Victoria Falls tend to be sleeker and faster swimming because the current there is stronger, whilst those in Lake Kariba tend to be slower swimming and ‘heavier’ bodied. We can offer you various trip options all along the Zambezi, dependent on the fishing adventure you prefer!

Houseboat Safaris

The Meremaid Houseboat is one of our favourites, offering enough luxury to be comfortable whilst you float on your home for the week on Lake Kariba. The houseboat comes with tender boats and experienced gillys who can take guests fishing for the many species of fish found in the Lake, even those who are new to fishing!  Bird watching and some game viewing can be enjoyed from the houseboat deck, whilst you enjoy an ice cold local beer! Guests can opt for a catered or self-catering option, depending on their budget. The Meremaid features a pool to keep you cool during the hot summer months and full satellite TV for those who want to keep an eye on what’s going on in the rest of the world during their holiday. A houseboat safari is ideal for a group of travelers wanting a unique safari experience that is not offered in our various National Parks.

Gonarezhou Bush Camp Exclusive

Imagine having your own private bush camp, exclusive to your group of travelers, with your every need catered for! That’s exactly what awaits you on the Gonarezhou Bush Camp Safari. Gonarezhou National Park is located in the South East of Zimbabwe, bordering on Mozambique and South Africa, and is part of the Great Limpopo National Park which encompasses Gonarezhou, Kruger in South Africa and Limpopo National Park in Mozambique.
The word Gonarezhou means ‘Place of the Elephants’, with the help of your professional guide, you’ll be able to see some of the ‘tuskers’ that this park has become famous for. An unusual attraction in the Park is the Chilojo Cliffs, giant sandstone cliffs which are awe inspiring! This experience is a must for those who want to see Zimbabwe in its rugged form.