Making A Difference

Everyone always focuses on the conservation aspect of what a safari’s income generation contributes to. But what about the local less fortunate communtities and people not directly involved in tourism or the safari industry? This is where you, our client comes in! We are often asked what one can bring from overseas that will make a difference to the lives of the members of our local communities, and not always so obviously the answer is basic items that can enhance their daily lives, that may not be so readily available or out of the range of affordability for people living in remote areas.

As a mother and daughter team, we feel our contribution to ‘giving back’ should be aimed at the less fortunate women and children of our beautiful country. Did you know that girl children of school going age can miss up to  20% of school each year because they do not have access to affordable, or indeed often any form of hygienic sanitary care? One in 10 girls miss school during their period! In a country where an education, especially for girls, is a privilege rather than a right, lack of such a basic need can be detrimental. Girls and women use whatever is available to them to try and avoid the soiling of their clothes, such as pieces of rags, cardboard, even cow dung!

The good news is there is a solution! As a Days for Girls Ambassador of Women’s Health – an organization in Australia which offers the purchase of re-useable sanitary pads, as well as the training of local women on how to make them, our Marketing Director, Kirsty Jansen Van Vuuren, is passionate about this project. By sacrificing a small space in your suitcase for a few packs of reuseable sanitary pads, you can grant a girl or woman the gift of freedom and a chance to better herself by being able to attend every day at school.

We have added a few links below of where you can purchase these sanitary pads in your region: