Safari Fixers

So now you’ve booked your safari with your travel agent, and you’re all good to go, they’ve got you covered, right?
Not all travel agents are created equally, and that’s where our unique safari assistance service comes in!

We’ll assist with all the unforeseen snags that may occur during your safari to Zimbabwe, from lost luggage to broken down hire cars! It can be daunting dealing with everyday problems when you’re in an unfamiliar country and do not know anyone who can help you. A simple phone call to us can solve the hitches you may have encountered. We have listed below some of what the ‘Safari Fixers’ can help you with:

  • Airport, train or bus station meet, greet, collection and drop off (this is also available for other travel/safari operators looking for a professional and reliable service).
  • Destination transfers – we’ll pick you up on arrival and deliver you safely to your safari destination.
  • Lost baggage collection – if you have to leave on safari and are unfortunate enough to have baggage lost, we’ll pick it up when it arrives and ensure it’s delivered to you.
  • Emergency helpline – for those engaging our safari assistance service, we have a 24 hour helpline in case of emergency, be it a medical emergency or a vehicle breakdown on a self-drive trip, we’ll ensure you get the help you need as fast as we can to ease your peace of mind.
  • Information and directory service – we can give you information on anything you require, from hairdressers, fuel stations, to where’s best to go for a vegetarian dinner. We’ll also help you with information on current road conditions, border access and any other conditions affecting your safari.
  • Safari taxi – staying in a city without having access to a hire car, or knowing a reliable taxi service can be restricting, so that’s why we will happily collect you at your lodge/hotel/B&B and be your personal chauffeur in a safe comfortable vehicle. We can take you to the grocery store or the curio market or just the bank!
  • Gift purchasing – we have a catalogue of truly ‘Zimbabwean’ gifts that we can ensure are ordered and ready for your collection either at the beginning, middle or end of your safari.
  • Safari supply runs – a time and stress saver if you’re on a self-drive/overlanding expedition and aren’t quite sure of the ‘go to’ places to do your supply shopping. Simply send us a list and we’ll have it packed and waiting for your arrival, all ready to load into your vehicle. (Also available for safari operators)
  • Safari hosts – our team has over 30 years combined experience of Zimbabwean safaris, and having someone come along on your trip who knows the ropes can enhance your experience! (Also available for safari operators)
  • Border crossing assistance – we will be working with the Zimbabwean Travel Authority on ways to make crossing the Zimbabwean side of borders between our neighbouring countries less stressful for visiting tourists. Although we have no control of the foreign sides of the borders, ZTA have officers at each border for travellers requiring assistance.