1 By making a reservation the client indicates full acceptance of the terms and conditions as stipulated by each stated property.


2 All bookings must be accompanied by a deposit payment as requested by the relevant properties.


3 If the deposit is not received by Love That Safari within the given term, the reservation will be automatically deleted from our system.


4 The remaining balance of payment should be made by the client, as requested by the relevant property, before arrival of the client. Should this balance not be received the property has the right to cancel your booking.


5 All bookings must include the following information:


* Number of adults / children (with ages for children)


* Room type : single / double / twin / triple / family (adjoining rooms)


*Any Special Dietary Requirements


* Arrival Details


6 Should inadequate information be given the client may find that their booking has not been accepted by the relevant property.


7 Cancellation Policy:    If for any reason a booking is cancelled or amended to a lesser number of rooms or pax, a cancellation fee will become payable as per the relevant property’s Terms and Conditions.


8 Cancellations are only accepted if notification comes in writing.


9 All prices are quoted in USD$ and all payments must be made in USD$, unless otherwise agreed upon.   Other currencies can only be used at Love That Safari’s discretion and at the relevant rate of exchange.


10. All prices include VAT and other applicable taxes and fees unless stated otherwise.


11 Please find the bank and payment details for Love That Safari at the end of this document.


12 Please note that all bank transfer charges are for YOUR ACCOUNT not for Love That Safari.


13 After making the payment we kindly request you send an email to sheri@lovethatsafaricom and with full payment details, including the sum of payment & Reservation Name.


14 Liability and disputes


Love That Safari does not and will not accept any responsibility for any accident or incident of any nature involving clients/guests and or staff who are at any of the properties or whilst travelling to or from any properties or partaking in any activity, arranged by, associated with or owned by Love That Safari.


15 Any disagreement about a reservation or payment, or complaints about the quality of service should be made in writing to Love That Safari within 7 days.


If not, the dispute will be considered as overdue, and no compromise can or will be made to outstanding monies.


16 In the case of a dispute on an invoice, only the amount under dispute may be withheld from the prompt payment.


17 Changes in rates


Love That Safari will not be responsible for any change in rates or terms and conditions for any of the properties that they promote.


In the event of a change in government taxes, levies, concession fees or wildlife management fees, Love That Safari reserves the right to pass these on to the Client.


18. Bank details for Love That Safari:


Money transfers Ecocash, Paynow and cash  will be accepted :


Please note that the transfer bank charges are NOT for Love That Safari.